uberdated February 16th, MMXII

A special online live stream with host Jack Hertz, Time Drone will air on Wednesday February 16th MMXII.

Place and time: 7PM EST / 4 PM PST / 0000 GMT (Thursday).

This week's show will include special guest Mike Honeycutt (mystery hearsay).

Tune in this Wednesday for the live stream at radio.electro-music.com

The World Helix site is on the back burner for now, but there's still some content here that you will hopefully find enjoyable.

Meanwhile, there's a new project that has been the main focus lately:

Waiting World Records is proud to announce Cultivation Series Volume 1 from the post-industrial/dark ambient outfit

Kuwahara ( Mike Honeycutt and M. Peck )

is now available : [here]

Unlike many sophomore releases, this 45 minute slab of gnarled soundscapes and shimmering audio poetics are

remixes of the tracks featured on the groups highly acclaimed debut HoneyCult.

Cultivation Series Volume 1 features remixes from some of today's most notable sound artists

and standouts in their genres with offerings from

WILT, Steve Brand, Mannequin Hollowcaust, Andrew Lagowski and two previously unreleased tracks from Kuwahara.

Make no mistake, these are not just rehashed renditions of the original tracks and come off as something entirely new to the listener.

Each artist left their own mark on the tracks leaving the release as a whole, a very fluid and coherent offering,

albeit jaundiced and decrepit, this album reeks of brilliance in a most progressive manner.

For more information please visit


From the 2008 update [here]

We started posting mp3 tracks to download at the :. djmysterymike net label

New additions include Big City Orchestra in the DJmm player and

three new mystery hearsay tracks in 320k Sum Of Drift - Earth Day 2008 one - Earth Day 2008 two

.:. activities from 2008 .:.

A very busy year for us! It all started in March with a trip to DC to a show hosted by Pure Evil and crew, Memmaker,Iszoloscope,SYNNACK,WormsOfTheEarth.

See details at the djmm blog http://djmysterymike.blogspot.com/

then another incredible show in Chicago in June

[ details]

SIGILLUM S first ever live gig in US!

June 7th 2008 @ The Empty Bottle, Chicago.


SIGILLUM S (Milan, Italy),THE FORTIETH DAY (Chicago, IL),


[related links]



sigillum s



.: and last but not - well you know :.

Electro-Music Festival 2008 AUGUST 14 - 16 in Kingsport, TENNESSEE

ACOUSTIC INTERLOPER, ALIGNING MINDS, AZIMUTH VISUALS, BIBLE AND HENRY, BICAMERAL MIND, DESTROYIFYER, dRachEmUsiK, EARTHGIRL, ELECTRIC BIRD NOISE, FRINGE ELEMENT, AMOS GAYNES - action and seminars: Programming the Modern Moogs: Everything you always wanted to know (you get to ask) and Mooged Out with Amos: Featuring the Moog Multipedal, TONY GERBER - action and seminar: Music in the Virtual World of Second Life, HARMALINE, JOHN HOGE, ILLUSION OF SAFETY, KEVIN KISSINGER, LUNAR MOON PATROL, MAHONEY AND PECK, KURT MICHAELS, SHANE MORRIS, HOWARD MOSCOVITZ - Ambiophonic Sound and Time Quantization (seminars), MURPHY AND MURPHY - action and Chair - experiments in total sound immersion (seminar), MyOwnYoko, MICHAEL OBANNON - Translating Physiological Rhythms into Music and Sound (seminar), O.V.O., DALE PARSON - Human-to-Human Chess Game-to-Music Generator (seminar), REMNANTS OF DISSONANCE, REMORA, RINSE, REPEAT, JOHN ROSE - Live Sound in Large Venues (seminar), KIP ROSSER, PROJECT RUORI, safe2, X.J. SCOTT - Xenharmonic Frontiers - Getting in Tune With the World of Microtonality (seminar), SENSITIVE CHAOS, SLICNATON, SPACECRAFT, KEVIN SPEARS - action and demonstration: Kalimba: Infinite Possibilities ,SPITZNAGEL - action and seminars: Tenori-on Demonstration and Creating Music with the Nintendo DS, VELVA, PER WIKSTROM - action and demonstrations: Building Large Analog Modular Synthesizers and Random Sources in Composition, CHRISTOPHER WRIGHT - Interactive Visuals: An Overview of Apples Quartz Composer (seminar), xeroid entity.

link to info about the event


.:. other activities from 2007 .:.

Liberate 2 Disseminate is the Trance project we started - exclusive tracks on myspace

- 8K=8K+-(G)<>(A)<>(N) -

[ Live Internet Jam ]

November, 8 th AT the [ Tube ] in Munich, Germany

Mike Honeycutt (us) was a contributor to the (N) - netjam with (at) and the event was organized mixed live by our host Wolfgang Dorninger (at)

out now Dorninger "8K" - [CD] on base records - [live] dates - [blogs] node/307 - node/332 - node/371

other projects [wipeout] and [smiling buddhas]

:download: the t-u-b-e (vst) [plugin]

Thanks to Michael at [Intrendent] for another compilation we contributed to titled - The [ + Netware Responsibilities ] via the Electro-Arc label. "Space Gloss" a collaboration with Chris Phinney of [Harsh Reality / Mental Anguish] appears on the release. The track was created for [Tape Germ]

[mh] is a contributor to the

listen to some wild and wonderful sounds from this online loop community.

.: in addition to the online forum about :.

an invitation to download three episodes of the cassette culture dot net Podcast - one - two - three

AND the second cd-r compilation arrived with a double disc set that features the Mystery Hearsay track "Dos Guitars Uno" - released by [Harsh Reality Music] -AND- for the first collection "Rewind and Pause" compiled by veteran Don Campau.

Don wraps up the playlist with a [mystery hearsay] track "A for profit" featuring sources by [Minoy] more info

- visit - [don campau] dot com -


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