This section was last updated January 4th, 2013

BOB "X" is an independent freelance artist and illustrator that works in several mediums including (but not limited to); painting, pen and ink, illustrations, comix and comix art, logos and product design, sculpting silk screen printing, small press publishing and various other areas of expression, explotation and promotion. Perhaps best known as the creator and controller of XEX GRAPHIX. AND being known for the super wild graphic comix and artwork of the 1980's that soon became known worldwide as the "ugly art" movement.

The ugly art style of drawing has been described as anything from "scratched out with a pen knife" to "lovingly rendered", as one critic for THE VILLAGE VOICE pointed out. The ugly art style consisted mainly of black and white pen and/or brush work line drawings that were many times rough and scratchy,but could also be painstakingly complex and intricate (as in the work of XNO).

The influences for the ugly art style were culled from various and diverse sources. The most obvious influences being of the 1960's pop culture; Comic books,rock and roll,monster and horror films,hot rod art (ED "BIG DADDY" ROTH),Psychedelics (and the poster art inspired by them),MAD magazine (BASIL WOVERTON),ZAP comix (R. CRUMB) and other underground comix, TV, pop art, op art, dada, cubist, surrealist, etc,etc...

When asked to describe the artwork of BOB "X",one reviewer of small press publications coined the phrase "organized chaos",which may be one of the most acurate descriptions yet.