XEX GRAPHIX was formed in early 1983 as as an outlet for the comix art of founding members BOB"X" and XNO.The first mini comix published by XEX was entitled ESOTERIC by BOB"X". The second mini was MAMBO by XNO. A mini comix was simply an ordinary sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 inch 20 bond paper that had been xeroxed (or printed) on both sides,folded verticaly in the center,and cut horizonaly,then stapled at the fold creating a booklet that measures 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 inches, or what is sometimes refered to in the print industry as an octovo.

Also released in Jan. of 1983 was NON. NON was a digest sized zine (8 1/2 x 5 11/2 inches) that featured the artwork of BOB"X" and XNO. It was at this point,after many setbacks and delays,that NON was being promoted and distributed through the mails by XEX GRAPHIX.

BOB"X" and XNO had recently disolved a partnership involving the production of a local music fanzine entitled MALICE,after only 4 issues. BOB"X", who was the singlehanded producer of the first issue of MALICE,which was created from scratch and scraps,had sought out the help of some other like minded participants for the next issue. After much discussion and division the direction of MALICE fanzine was evolving into a strickly punk rock fanzine, with much less emphasis on artwok and content. This was NOT the original intention of BOB"X",who at the time of MALICE's original inception had planned MALICE to be an inexpensive, self-produced artzine that featured SOME music related info and reviews.

BOB"X left the zine in disgust after only four issues. XNO's art continued to appear for a few more issues after that,but his involvement at this point was minimal,at most. With the departure of BOB"X" and XNO the overall look of MALICE had become smeary and cluttered and with very little thought to lay-out,presentation and visual appeal,and making it indistingishable from the literely hundereds of other little punk rock fanzines that were now appearing daily from all over the world!

Issue number 9 was the last issue of MALICE fanzine to be produced and since the lack of any organized direction or regular printing schuedule, and the infrequenecy of it's rare appearences(somestimes only one issue every 2 years). MALICE had by then lost any following that it may have ever had.

It was at this point that BOB"X" struck out on his own and created XEX GRAPHIX!No more music reviews,no more corny "scene reports",no more info that was so out of date by the time that it got printed that it was laugh- able! NO! XEX GRAPHIX was to be all about art. Comix art of the most bizzare and extereme nature was the speciality of the house. Self expression and no holds barred weirdness was the call of the day for XEX GRAPHIX and BOB"X". And in the years that followed,no one would do it better.

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