News Summer 2018

Just announced! Last Gasp Publishing of San Francisco will be bringing us a retrospective anthology hardback book of R. Crumb's WEIRDO! This deluxe coffee table edition sports an amazing cover by master portrait artist DREW FRIEDMAN and will feature new interviews and reprinted art from all participating WEIRDO artists including R CRUMB,S.CLAY WILSON,SPAIN,DENNIS WORDEN,MARY FLEENER,XNO,DORI SEDA,CHARLES BURNS,PETER BAGGE,KAZ,GARY PANTER,SAVAGE PENCIL,ED"BIG DADDY" ROTH,ROBERT WILLIAMS,PLACID and BOB "X",just to name a few.

Release date is slated for early 2019 and editor will be noted comics art researcher,publisher and expert JON B COOKE.

JON is a gifted artist himself and a two time EISNER AWARD WINNER for his editing skills of such prestigious publications as COMIC BOOK ARTIST and ALTER EGO, both published by TOP SHELF PRODUCTIONS

"THE BOOK OF WEIRDO" will be the title and promises to be a very interesting and visual book.

More details will be relayed as they become available,so stay tuned for more updates!


BOB X will again be at the annual COOPER YOUNG FESTIVAL this year, The BOB X ART booth will be located in Section B booth number 24.That is toward the end of YOUNG AVE. near the Goner Records Stage.

This will be the 27th year for BOB X to have all make and manner of original art for sale.Paintings on both canvas and wood,stocking sculptures, black and white pen and ink comix art pieces,hand silk screened posters and of course the ever popular BOB X key rings will all be offered for purchase at the booth.

As always there will be loads of art,food music and fun! Be sure and mark your calendar for SATURDAY SEPT. 15th from 9 am until 7 pm.

Join in on the FUN and stop by the booth to scope out some of the newest work or just to say HI!

For a complete listing of all bands and events check out the COOPER YOUNG FEST website: Cooper Young Festival

XNO News - Brain Bats band Seven inch record cover art

Now for some interesting news from the music scene. The recently formed group THE BRAIN BATS have released a couple of XNO inspired EPs ROAD KILLS FROM OUTER SPACE backed with Night TERRORS features a very cool fold out jacket complete with XNO artwork and includes an intense maze inside and a printed full color cut out mask!

The band also offers stickers,T shirts and various other XNO penned goodies! The other release is a shared ep with BRAIN BATS on one side and a side project group of front man DILLON HALLEM called THE SUPER SONIC SPACE REBELS on the flip side.

Both groups have a couple of cuts per side. The music is of the hardcore metal punk style with a few touches of old school new wave and power pop thrown in for good measure!

It's not easy for me to describe music in general terms,so go ahead and order these EPs.and draw your own conclusions!

The cool package art alone is worth the price of admission!

More info,downloads and details can be found at the bandcamp site:

Brain Bats bandcamp

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