Bob X will have a spot again this year at the annual COOPER YOUNG FESTIVAL.

The Bob X Art booth will be in SECTION B BOOTH 024. That is on the East end of Young Ave. near the Goner Records stage.

The 2023 CY Festival will be on Saturday Sept.16 from 9am until 7pm,Come by and say hi and check out some new artwork!

Hope to see all of you there!

2 pages by bob x in Mineshaft 44 (due out Sept 2023)

4 page spread jam w/gaither in Mineshaft 45

Brain Scum is the name gaither/thompkins/bob x project due out sometime this summer(?)

Not sure of the actual release date,I guess just when Jeff gets everything together and ready to print.

Also working on a new bob x art poster - no event,no lettering,just art.

Will be a limited edition of 25-50 prints and will be hand silk screened.

Should be out in time for C-Y Fest.

LINES ON PAPER Comic Art Appreciation Society.

Bob X has been added to the distinguished list of artists on the excellent website LINES ON PAPER Comic Art Appreciation Society.

This excellent site features tons of artist profiles and links to examples of their work and bios.

Another really great feature is the gallery of artist cards designed and drawn by each individual creator. Check it out for yourself.

Here is the link -

Check out the Sculpties section!

There's more content to check out on the Live From Memphis site.

The page features Bob X art and video of an interview with LFM.

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