Bob X Art for NON SPORT CARD Company

Rarely seen art for non sport cards binder produced for the Tenn. Card Co. by Bob X in 1993


As many of you may know there was a Bob X monster card set released in 2014 that was comprised of a 12 card promo set.

Those cards were produced in black and white and featured a signed card along with a duplicate card on a different type of card stock.

That was then,but this is NOW!

MONSTERWAX cards have agreed to issue the ENTIRE 45 cards in the set in an exclusive FULL COLOR version!

The MONSTERWAX cards have started a Kickstarter campaign to help with the production costs of this historic card set.

Not only will the fully complete set be available for purchase for the first time,but as a

Kickstarter partner you will be sent an exclusive promo card for just a mere 1$!

Other special Kickstarter fund participant cards will be issued in a strictly limited edition!

Not trying to give up any secrets here,but word has it that the limited edition KS special issue participant cards will feature custom printed premium versions of BOB X and XEX GRAPHIX art with dazzling effects such as holographs,metallic and mirrored surfaces and even lenticular depth cards!

Check out the OFFICAL MONSTERWAX WEBSITE here for more details:


This just in! JON B. COOKE has an excellent R CRUMB interview in the latest edition of his highly regarded COMIC BOOK CREATOR magazine.

Issue 21 also features the highlights and pics from a gathering of WEIRDO artists that was held recently in New Jersey.

There are photos of many of the contributors involved in the artwork featured in the celebrated and berated WEIRDO magazine.

This issue includes a small pic of WEIRDO contributor BOB X in a section featuring the artists that were not able to attend the "gathering of weirdos" event in person.

For more info and how to order the latest issue (#21) click on the link below.

Last Gasp Publishing of San Francisco has published a retrospective anthology hardback book of R. Crumb's WEIRDO! This deluxe coffee table edition sports an amazing cover by master portrait artist DREW FRIEDMAN and will feature new interviews and reprinted art from all participating WEIRDO artists including R CRUMB,S.CLAY WILSON,SPAIN,DENNIS WORDEN,MARY FLEENER,XNO,DORI SEDA,CHARLES BURNS,PETER BAGGE,KAZ,GARY PANTER,SAVAGE PENCIL,ED"BIG DADDY" ROTH,ROBERT WILLIAMS,PLACID and BOB "X",just to name a few.

The editor is noted comics art researcher,publisher and expert JON B COOKE.

JON is a gifted artist himself and a two time EISNER AWARD WINNER for his editing skills of such prestigious publications as COMIC BOOK ARTIST and ALTER EGO, both published by TOP SHELF PRODUCTIONS

"THE BOOK OF WEIRDO" is the title and is a very interesting and visual book.

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